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Auhtor Visits & Writing Workshops


Be Kind, Be Brave, be your best


A behind the scenes peek into the magical mysteries of 

writing and illustrating a children's book.

Grades K-3 and Grades 4-6. Length: 60 minutes,

 In these visually rich multi-media presentations, I'll share insights on how our first book came into being. There are two presentations based on age. 

 Students will learn where story ideas originate; how to develop a setting; character creation; illustrating-from pencil to perfection; the finished book; how to become an author starting NOW!

A popular workshop that gets kids writing! 





Developing Story Ideas

Grades 1-3. Length: 60 minutes

What if the alphabet ran away for the day?

What if mirrors told stories?  This entertaining workshop is designed to jump-start the imagination and answer the question of "How do I know what to write?" Using books such as Sarah Perry's, If, students will be inspired to create their own mini books, poems, or short stories of What If's?

Insisde the Amazing magical Adventure Factory


 A Delightful Introduction to Descriptive Writing!

Grades 2-4. Length: 60 minutes

Based on my book, students will create their very own adventures, just like magical inventor, Granny Rosie. By adding vivid details which engage the senses, we'll mix together the "ingredients" needed to create magical places. Emphasis will be on what do you see, hear, taste, smell and touch?  



A full-day workshop designed to introduce students to the art of story writing. As a group, we'll explore the makings of a story from beginning to end: creating complelling characters, dynamic dialog, intriging plots, conflict, action, and finally, tying it all together.

The workshop will include in-class writing and an opportunity for students to share their own work.  Geared for grades 4-6. The workshop is 

structured for groups up to 18 students

Author Workshop 



Paragraphs with Extra Cheese

Grades 3-5.  Length: 60 minutes

 What's on the menu? Paragraph writing made fun!  

Tackle those tricky topic sentences, sticky supporting sentences, and confounding conclusions in a delightfully delicious way! 


No more BORING Verbs!

Grades 3-5. Length: 60 minutes

Why dance when you can boogie or eat when you can munch?  In this exciting workshop, we'll catapult boring verbs to the moon. Children will discover how the choice of action words can turn their writing from a snoozer to a sizzler! 




Celebrating Kindness and Empathy 

 Pre-K- Kindergarten. Length: 30-40 minutes

We'll begin with a reading of my book where we meet magical inventor, Granny Rosie, who sits by herself on her birthday. When she decides to make a Birthday Adventure for herself, everything goes comically wrong. The kindness of the magical dancing sisters~Candi, Cookie, and Coco Birthday, change Granny's life forever when they bring her a most amazing birthday surpise.   Using additional visuals, we'll touch on the values of compassion and caring through The Birthday Triplets' loving relationship between themselves and others. 


Hurray! I Met An Author Today! 

What If? 

Please email for pricing and booking availability~

Week-long residencies available. 

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