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December Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens:


Saturdays, Dec 4 & 11

Session B: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm EST

Students choose one session and attend both dates.


In this two session, mystery writing workshop we'll: 

  • Create cunning characters who cleverly conceal clues.

  • Write supsenseful scenes that keep the reader guessing. 

  • Plant red herrings in just the right places.

  • And more! (a detective never divulges all her secrets)


Creative Writing Mini Camp

December 28, 29, & 30



Ages 9 and up

Did you know that J.K. Rowling started writing stories in elementary school? Perhaps someday that could be YOU! During this fun-filled mini camp, we'll sharpen our creative skills to write with descriptive, sensory-packed detail and create page-turning excitement that keeps the reader wanting more! In these exciting three days, meet fellow writers who share your same passion!

Meet Chris in the video below:

Magic Camp Flyer Web.jpg

Magic Mini Camp

Postponed until 2022

Magic Camp for Kids!

During this camp, magician Chris Woodman will teach you how to perform amazing magic tricks. Day 1 will cover simple card tricks. Day 2 will cover tricks you can do using everyday objects. Day 3 will cover a card trick using imagination, and one of the greatest card tricks of all time, The Ultimate 3 Card Monte!

Day 1
• Find a person’s card using an easy and clever method
• Make a person’s card flip face-up behind your back
• Know the card someone is thinking of by reading their mind

Day 2
• Jump a rubber band from one finger to another finger
• Make a coin vanish from your hand using only a pen
• The three-cup challenge (a game that stumps everyone)
• A fun prediction trick using random objects

Day 3
• B’Wave (a baffling card trick using imagination)

• Amaze anyone with The Ultimate 3 Card Monte!

Students will need to purchase the following two tricks:

About Chris

After watching the TV special, “David Blaine: Street Magic,”

Chris was immediately captivated by the world of magic. Seeing people react with smiles, laughter, and astonishment, inspired Chris to begin exploring the art, science, and creative aspects of magic as a form of entertainment. Six years ago, Chris started as merely a spectator and student. Since then, he has grown into a magic enthusiast and active performer.


With a background in education, Chris enjoys sharing this knowledge and teaching others to perform with confidence. His favorite part about magic is connecting with people in a meaningful way.


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Class Information

10 students maximum for individual attention. Most classes are workshop format-encouraging lots of student interaction and participation!

FUN & engaging content geared for visual and auditory learners.

In-class writing time.

Option to read work aloud. Sharing is encouraged but never forced. Students are inpsired by their peers and learn from each other! All instructor feedback is offered during class. For in-depth editing, private coaching sessions are available for a separate fee. 

Private Zoom link and any class materials (PDF) will be emailed after class is fully booked. 

Indicated class ages are not set in stone. Please email if your child has a passion for one of the classes and falls outside the suggested range. 

Classes are in Eastern Time zone 

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Most classes include: