Summer Creative Writing FUN

Fantasy/Adventure Writing and Mystery Writing

Ages 11-15

Unleash those wild imaginations and capture creativity with fellow writers! 

Virtual interactive classes held via ZOOM. Class sizes limited

Fantasy & Adventure Writing

Session 1: June 15-18 CLOSED 

Session 2: Ages 11-15: June 22-25-OPEN


Dive at dizzying speeds on the back of a runaway dragon. Cling to a crumbling crevice over a pack of ravenous wolves. Magic moon maps. Hidden traps. It's time to write your own fantasy & adventure story! 


Classes run from 3:15-4:30

Class Highlights:


  • Designing Worlds/Civilizations

  • Creating Characters and Conflicts 

  • The Role of Magic 

  • Animals and Mystical Creatures

  • Writing Dizzying Action Sequences and Suspense

  • Penning a Page-Turner!



Ages 11-15: July 27-30



Join, if you dare, and unravel the mysterious elements of writing a mystery story! With crafty and cunning characters, we'll plot the perfect Whodunit! 

Classes run from 3:15-4:30 

Photo by Andreas Heimann on Unsplash

Class Highlights: 

  • Elements of Surprise & Suspense

  • Sneaky Suspects & Red Herrings 

  • Witnesses (can you trust them?)

  • Cleverly Concealed Clues

  • Motives and Alibis