Summer Creative Writing FUN

Fantasy/Adventure Writing and Mystery Writing

Ages 11-15

Unleash those wild imaginations and capture creativity with fellow writers! 

Virtual interactive classes held via ZOOM. Class sizes limited

Fantasy & Adventure Writing

Session 1: June 15-18 CLOSED 

Session 2: Ages 11-15: June 22-25-CLOSED

Sci Fi Dragon

Dive at dizzying speeds on the back of a runaway dragon. Cling to a crumbling crevice over a pack of ravenous wolves. Magic moon maps. Hidden traps. It's time to write your own fantasy & adventure story! 


Classes run from 3:15-4:30

Class Highlights:


  • Designing Worlds/Civilizations

  • Creating Characters and Conflicts 

  • The Role of Magic 

  • Animals and Mystical Creatures

  • Writing Dizzying Action Sequences and Suspense

  • Penning a Page-Turner!




Ages 11-15: July 27-30


Join, if you dare, and unravel the mysterious elements of writing a mystery story! With crafty and cunning characters, we'll plot the perfect Whodunit! 

Classes run from 3:15-4:30 

Class Highlights: 

  • Elements of Surprise & Suspense

  • Sneaky Suspects & Red Herrings 

  • Witnesses (can you trust them?)

  • Cleverly Concealed Clues

  • Motives and Alibis


Adventure Wrting.png

Write thrilling action sequences, nail-biting suspense, and create heroes and heroines that keep us cheering for more. Hold onto the edge of your seat while watching scenes from some of the greatest adventure movies. By the end of the workshop, you will have all the ingredients for your adventure story...if you accept this mission. 

August 11-13  3:00-4:30