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Creative Writing Classes & Camps 


  All Zoom classes are intentionally small for indivdiual attention. The workshop format includes in-class writing time and student interaction. Class sizes are intentionally small for individual attention and feedback. Kids and teens inspire each other and return again and again to these classes. They're excited about writing, and there are very few outlets where they can develop their craft. It's a true privlege to be a part of their journies. 

All classes are in USA Eastern Standard Time. I am always happy to work within a family's budget. Please contact me. 



Spring Creative Writing Club

Ages 8-10 

Geared for International Time Zones! Please note that these classes are 12 hours behind HK time 

Each week, we'll plunge into a wild and wonderful creative journey that focuses on an exciting facet of story writing. Students will enhance their skills, strenghten their writing voices and soar in confidence. These clubs are a fantastic way to join a nurturing community of budding writers, ignite imaginations, and most importantly, have FUN! 

Spring A: Fridays, May 13-27

9:30-10:20 PM  USA EST


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Summer Camps 

Camps fill at 7 students. Don't wait! 

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Fantasy Writing 


Virtual: July 25-29  Sign up below.


In-Person: June 6-10: Lake Ridge Academy 

Sign up through school

Plunge into the enchanting world of fantasy writing! All great fantasy stories start with compelling characters, creatures, and the world in which they exist. To begin, you will create a map of your imaginative land done digitally or by hand. Alongside, we’ll explore the elements of fantasy writing: types of magic, plot, story structure, conflicts and action. Importantly, you’ll learn how to write your story with descriptive detail and page-turning suspense! Camp will include time for in-class writing, feedback, and map creation.

Session A:


Ages 9-11 

10:30-11:30 am


Session B


Ages 12 and up



Creative Writing Camp 

July 11-15

Session A


Ages 8-9

9:00-10:00 am

Session B


Ages 10 and up



Inside the Magic Toyshop

August 8-12

WHO is the magician that owns this mysterious magical toyshop where nothing is as it seems?


WHERE will the key that hangs from his neck, lead you?

WHY have you received this invitation to arrive at his shop on the last Saturday of the month at 8:23 pm? 


WHAT will happen? 

Session A


Ages 8-10

7:00 am-8:00 am

Session B


Ages 8-9

10:00-11:00 am

Session C


10 and up


Private Writing Sessions

Let's bring those unfinished stories and dreams to life with private virtual and in-person sessions! 30 or 60 minute sessions. Hourly rate can also be divided for groups of 2.


I also offer design and self publishing services. 

Please email to learn more! 


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Class Information

Classes include: 

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Option to read work aloud. Sharing is encouraged but never forced. Students are inpsired by their peers and learn from each other! All instructor feedback is offered during class. For in-depth editing, private coaching sessions are available for a separate fee. 

Private Zoom link and any class materials (PDF) will be emailed after class is fully booked. 

Indicated class ages are not set in stone. Please email if your child has a passion for one of the classes and falls outside the suggested range. 

Classes are in Eastern Time zone