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School Workshops 

Innovative workshops, in-person or virtual, for students K-8.

Teacher workshops also available. Please email for details. 

“When my students met Kelly, their imaginations grew bigger. Their enthusiasm towards writing continued to grow with Kelly’s teaching and encouragement. My students became confident writers and creative thinkers, and we were awe-struck as they chose to write almost all day and everyday!" Mary Polk, Montessori Elementary Teacher



"Creative writing assignments allow students to discover their personality, express themselves artistically, use their imagination, and discover their writing style." James Bellamy


Sid, Age 6~Italy 

"Kids have more planned activites and passive entertainment at their fingertips than ever before, but less free time to dream, make-believe and focus on what they really love. Imagination needs time and space to blossom."

How We're Endangering our Kids' Imaginations-Time Magazine.

By Melissa Bernstein, Co-Founder of Melissa and Doug

The Benefits of Creative Writing 

  • Confidence

  • Communication 

  • Connection to Self 

  • Collaboration

  • Creative Thinking 

myken 3.png

"Ella was sitting peacefully on the grass when she heard a pair of mammoth footsteps coming behind her. As she got up, her dress flowed elegantly. She heard the flowers whisper to her. They told her that a giant is after her. She hid behind the flowers and disappeared. The flowers slowly made a gateway so the giant couldn't get through. But she didn't notice she dropped something! The leaves were rustling and the footsteps were getting louder."

Saanvi, Age 7, Hong Kong. 

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