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"Kelly's expertise is the narrative and her students believe they are storytellers. As a published writer, she brings authenticity and agency to her classes. Parents packed the room of Kelly's writer cafes to hear the students' written word and were stunned with the product."


Kathie Freer / Head of Ruffing Montessori School, Cleveland Heights, OH

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"As an English teacher, Kelly excelled at finding creative ways to teach students strong descriptive writing. As a published author, she modeled a passion for the writing process. Students learned how to take risks by reading their work to each other, as well as how to hold supportive space as a listener. During class breaks, our students often wrote in their journals, not because it was an assignment, but because they wanted to finish a story!"

Lydia Lewis, former 5th Grade Social Science Teacher,

National Cathedral School, Washington, D.C. 

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Special classes with magic extraordinaire,

Chris Woodman! 


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